Attention Residents and Visitors:

Barriere Construction Company has been awarded a contract to rehabilitate Lexington Estates by reconstructing the base and surfacing and operations will begin within the subdivision the week of Monday, April 15th and will last 5-6 weeks depending on the weather. It is imperative for the streets being reconstructed that no one park in the street or on the sidewalks. They will be subject to being towed. All vehicles must be parked on the driveway or inside the garages.

The following streets are included:

Landmark Dr

Grand Way Ave to phase II

Lexington Lake to phase II

Grand Field Ave

Lexi Lane Dr

Robin Ridge Dr

Kings Court to phase II

Details About The Operations Process:


Cold Planing

In this operation, all or a portion of the existing asphalt surface will be removed and salvaged for recycling. This is done using a large grinding machine and should interfere with traffic only in the immediate vicinity of the operation, where flaggers will direct traffic. The resulting surface will be rough and somewhat dusty, but traffic should move normally, except for reduced speeds.


In this operation the existing base and any remaining surfacing will be ground up and thoroughly mixed using a large machine. Again, traffic should be affected only in the immediate vicinity of the operation, where flaggers will direct traffic. There may be short delays at that point.

However, if heavy rains occur during the premixing operation the street may become very muddy and, in some cases, impassable. The contract contains provisions for using aggregate (often the recycled surfacing obtained from cold planning) to restore and maintain traffic. However, it may take several hours to transport and place this material.

Traffic over the street in a muddy condition makes it worse and increases the time to restore it to satisfactory condition. Your cooperation in minimizing traffic is requested.  Barriere Construction Company will do everything it can to maintain essential traffic.

Cutting Soil Cement 

This operation will begin immediately after premixing. In this operation, Portland cement (a very fine grey or white powder) will be spread on the roadway and then mixed with the existing roadway using a large machine called a stabilizer. BECAUSE PORTLAND CEMENT MAY HARM AUTOMOBILES, THE STREET WILL BE CLOSED TO ALL TRAFFIC UNTIL THE CEMENT IS MIXED INTO THE SOIL.   The street will be closed only in the immediate vicinity of the operation and waiting traffic allowed through periodically. Provisions will be made for passage of emergency vehicles, such as ambulances and fire trucks.

If for some reason, you must drive through the Portland cement, you should drive very slowly.

(2 – 5 mph) and should immediately wash the vehicle, including the engine compartment, underneath and around wheel bearings. IF YOU TRAVEL THROUGH THE PORTLAND CEMENT, YOU DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK AND BARRIERE CONSTRUCTION ASSUMES NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY RESULTING DAMAGE TO YOUR VEHICLE/ 

Curing Soil Cement  

After the soil cement base is mixed, compacted and shaped, it must be cured. This involves spraying asphalt emulsion ( “Fresh Oil”) on the surface of the road. The soil cement must cure for a minimum of seven (7) days and emulsion may be applied each day. Under ideal conditions, the asphalt emulsion will dry to a solid in a couple of hours. If possible, you should avoid traveling through the liquid asphalt emulsion, but if it is unavoidable you should travel at very low speeds (2 – 5 mph) to avoid splashing the emulsion on your vehicle.

 While the emulsion will not impair the mechanical functioning of the vehicle, it is unattractive. It may be removed by using a petroleum-based solvent such as varsol or tar and bug remover sold at most hardware and discount stores followed by thoroughly washing with a mild detergent and water.

Asphaltic Concrete Surfacing 

This operation involves placing asphaltic concrete (hot mix) using a lay down machine and rollers. Traffic should be affected only in the immediate area of actual operations and will be directed by flaggers. Short delays may be experienced.

 Claims for damages arising from Barriere Construction, operations shall be reported to:

Jennifer Riecke  

1 Galleria Blvd Suite 1650 Metairie, LA 70001